About Us

Talennial was founded by talent marketers and data science entrepreneurs.

We form an independent talent marketing consultancy using data to help brands and their agencies make the best decisions about which collaborators to engage for their campaigns, sponsorship and events.

These decisions have historically been made on ‘gut-feel’, and the founders saw a better way to make more effective decisions using the power of data. Using five key metrics – Sentiment, Currency, Noise, Performance and Presence – and an overall score, brands can know which sports stars have the most advertising influence in real time.

When combining this proprietary data with our industry expertise, we help to place the best collaborators with the right campaigns for maximum impact.


Talennial considers five key elements regarding the visibility of an athlete to the public. This includes their on-field performance, presence on social media and their reputation in mainstream media.

To create a measure for performance, we have looked to use world rankings where possible. For sports like cricket and surfing, these ratings are easily found. For more complex team sports where individual ratings are not available, we have used the ratings of their team and assign an individual score by adjusting based on number of matches played. Presence is simply a scaled measure of the maximum number of followers that an athlete has across social media channels.

An athlete’s reputation is evaluated using three key elements. Noise is the unique number of articles about an athlete over the last two years. The Currency looks at the proportion of noise for an athlete generated in the last year compared to the two year period. Sentiment is a scaled measure of sentiment generated by natural language processing tools.

The five key elements for describing the public visibility of an athlete – Performance, Presence, Noise, Currency and Sentiment – are then combined together to create the Talennial Hero Score.

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Our team has over a combined 40 years of experience working with some of the world’s most important and influential brands, of all sizes and across all sectors.

The Leadership Team

Talennial was founded by a leading athlete manager and two data science entrepreneurs

Talennial has expertise at every stage of the talent procurement process and provides insights that no other firm can. The founders saw an opportunity to help brands and their advertising agencies make better decisions about which sports talent to engage in their campaigns, and Talennial was born.


Andy Craig

Managing Director

Andy specialises in positioning brands with elite athletes and events to drive brand awareness. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and best athletes including tour tennis players, golfers, international footballers and cricketers.


Dr. Paul Bracewell


Paul is passionate about analytics and how it can impact the world around us. This enthusiasm has been honed by 20 years of using analytics in a range of senior leadership roles across a variety of industries.


Jason Wells


Jason has spent much of his professional career assembling evidence to tell stories. One of Jason’s strengths is his ability to simplify and link complex data and analytic concepts.

Milly Bell

Strategy Consultant

Milly is a strategy consultant and provides advice on the company’s overall direction. She has worked with many organisations to define their mission and optimise their organisation to achieve it.


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