The Year in Review: Brand Ambassador Partnerships in 2022

The Year in Review: Brand Ambassador Partnerships in 2022

Brand ambassador partnerships are not a new marketing strategy, but they have been one of the most effective and popular tactics for brands in 2022. A brand ambassador is a person, customer or influencer who promotes a brand to their network, creating content, raising awareness and generating trust. Unlike influencer marketing campaigns, which are usually short-term and transactional, brand ambassador programs are long-term and relational, focusing on meaningful engagement and loyalty.

In this blog post, we will review some of the best brand ambassador partnerships that happened in 2022, and what we can learn from them.

Bad Bunny x Adidas

The Puerto Rican superstar has been collaborating with Adidas since 2020, releasing several limited-edition sneakers that sold out in minutes. In 2022, he continued his partnership with the brand, launching the blue-tint Bad Bunny Forum sneakers in August. The sneakers featured a buckle strap, reflective details and Bad Bunny’s signature eye logo. The collaboration was a huge success, generating buzz on social media and resale platforms.

What we can learn: Bad Bunny is a perfect example of a brand ambassador who aligns with the brand’s values, culture and audience. He is authentic, creative and influential, and his fans are loyal and passionate. By partnering with him, Adidas taps into his cultural relevance and credibility, as well as his global reach.

Dua Lipa x YSL Beauty

The British pop star has been the face of YSL Beauty since 2019, starring in several campaigns for the brand’s Libre fragrance. In 2022, she recorded a cover of George Michael’s “Freedom” for the latest campaign, which featured her dancing on a rooftop in Paris. The campaign was a celebration of freedom, femininity and empowerment, reflecting Dua Lipa’s personality and style.

What we can learn: Dua Lipa is a great choice for a brand ambassador who embodies the brand’s essence and message. She is bold, confident and inspiring, and her music resonates with millions of fans around the world. By partnering with her, YSL Beauty showcases its modern and edgy identity, as well as its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Jack Harlow x New Balance

The rising rapper joined forces with New Balance in February 2022, becoming one of the brand’s ambassadors for its basketball division. The partnership involved appearances in key marketing campaigns, product launches and events, as well as connecting the brand to basketball culture. Jack Harlow also debuted new sneakers from the brand, such as the 550s and the 990v5s.

What we can learn: Jack Harlow is a smart choice for a brand ambassador who represents the brand’s heritage and vision. He is talented, versatile and charismatic, and his music appeals to a wide range of audiences. By partnering with him, New Balance showcases its classic and timeless quality, as well as its innovation and relevance.

BTS x Snickers

The global sensation has been endorsing Snickers since 2020, but their partnership reached new heights in 2022. The group starred in a series of commercials for the chocolate bar brand in Thailand and South Korea, showing their humorous and playful sides. The commercials featured the group members experiencing different scenarios where they needed a Snickers to satisfy their hunger and boost their mood.

What we can learn: BTS is an ideal example of a brand ambassador who connects with the brand’s mission and values. They are talented, positive and influential, and their fans are loyal and engaged. By partnering with them, Snickers showcases its fun and satisfying personality, as well as its support for social causes.


Brand ambassador partnerships are a powerful marketing strategy that can help brands increase their awareness, trust and loyalty among their target audiences. In 2022, we saw some amazing examples of brands partnering with celebrities who matched their identity, message and goals. These partnerships were successful because they were authentic, creative and engaging.

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